About Us


ServiTech Infra

ServiTech Infra (STL) believes that the power of emerging technology can be harnessed using the right execution strategies and innovation. We provide exceptional services for the Infrastructure, Power & Service Industry Sectors to provide high efficiency and flexibility.

ServiTech Infra Pvt. Limited (STL) is a Diversified Infrastructure Services and Technology Company. 

ServiTech Infra (STL) operates in a variety of business segments, to provide solutions and meet challenges in the industrial, corporate, home care and infrastructure service business sectors.

ServiTech Infra (STL) is setup by a Team of Techno Enthusiasts and experienced professionals on very strong ethical and commercial fundamentals with the aim of addressing dynamic needs of service industry & infrastructure challenges.

Our core strengths are our knowledge and technological capabilities, which provide advanced services across major industry sectors. Innovative solutions through an adept design and development team helps in the implementation and management of challenging projects.

We provide a realistic platform for our inquisitive minds. We strive to provide effective solutions for managed services for infrastructure and solar projects all over the world with high efficiency. Inspirational hybrid solutions and services for various purposes across industries are performed with insistent dedication.


Our professional team has the ability to think beyond borders and provide unique services for technology driven industries. We offer exclusive services for installation and commissioning, fault repair, AMC and site/equipment up-gradation, according to the requirement of the customers. Consistency in quality and high efficiency are the two major factors that drive our work force into new avenues of development.