Managed Services

Operations & Maintenance

In order to provide consistent and reliable services, addressing operations and maintenance requirements are crucial for a service provider. At ServiTech Infra (STL), we provide customized, scalable, integrated, reliable, responsive and cost effective solutions for operations and maintenance requirements.

Electrical O&M Services

Operation and maintenance of first level for equipment. Preventive, corrective, routine and breakdown maintenance like tracking of alarms for site outage and link failures. First level maintenance services for LT Panels, Switchgears, Electrical & Electronic Equipments, DG, AC, PIU, AMF Panel, UPS, Battery banks and Alarm panel, Solar and Power Plants. Energy Efficiency Management.

Telecom O&M Services

The current needs of the Opcos & Towercos are to take care of their assets and investments in their BTS sites across the different locations.

We are specialized in providing comprehensive O&M services of all power related infra equipment in a telecom site including AMF, PMU, PIU, IPMU, IPMS, PPC, DCDG, AC, SMPS, etc. of any manufacturer.

Our services cover real-time data capturing by 24 x 7 remote monitoring on key parameters viz. alarms, DG usage, EB availability, Solar Harvest, Monitoring the energy efficiency and provide solutions to reduce the energy cost either by recommending for Fixed Energy Model.

We provide the following O&M services:

  • Comprehensive O&M Services
  • O&M Services for Solar Solutions
  • Fixed Energy Solution & Services

Product Fault Repair

Effective fault repair from ServiTech Infra (STL) through the RRR or Receive, Repair and Return policy ensures that all the products and customer site infrastructure performs well without any interruptions.

Our Corrective Maintenance activity in the event of a product failure covers detailed diagnostics of the products, fault identification and rectification at site. The technicians and engineers are equipped with relevant and sufficient spares to replace the faulty ones at site, to minimize the down time.

The faulty modules from site are sent to the repair center, which will be sent back to the technician after repair. Emergency spares requests by circles are supplied from the Repair Center stock on specific needs.

AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract)

ServiTech Infra (STL) offers AMC service for Electrical Equipments/ Products. Two types of AMC are offered:

  • Comprehensive maintenance
  • Non-comprehensive maintenance

Key deliverables in AMC are:

  • Periodical Preventive Maintenance visits
  • Corrective Maintenance in case of Faults
  • 24/7 Trouble Ticket logging
  • On-site maintenance
  • Off Site On Line Technical Support
  • Emergency response for major issues
  • Faulty Module or Parts replacement

Equipment Upgrade

For better Energy Management,we optimizeequipment deployed in system. ServiTech Infra (STL) offers viable and valuable proposition to optimize costs for their investments made for OPEX reduction &reduce the costs towards energy.

Following are the activities that ServiTech Infra (STL) has proposed and undertaken as part of Equipment Upgrade:

Capacity Enhancement of PIU/PMU
Indoor to Outdoor conversion of PIU/PMU
Retrofit activity of PIU & PMU
LCU by Pass, LCU Fan Assembly

Resource Management

Digital Platform for end to end Resource Management Starting from Profile Screening till complete Life Cycle Management through mobile based real time solution.

People Management

We help clients in bringing discipline in their work environment, so ultimately works as a motivation for their employees and brings the best out of them.

HR Services

We offer end to end human resource services to help clients with the recruitment process by:

  • Screening of candidates and In-depth candidate skill analysis.
  • Payroll Management.
  • Statutory compliances (ESI, PF, Prof Tax, etc.).
  • Accidental Insurance.
  • Replacement of candidates.
Additionally, we also help clients in optimizing their requirement strategy and assist them in implementing a robust payroll software system.

Manpower Outsourcing

Our manpower outsourcing services go way beyond helping clients with the recruitment process. Employee lifecycle management Exit management is an integrated part of it. Currently, we are assisting clients from many booming industries including telecom, sales, logistics, supply chain, IT and more.

In addition to these, we assist our clients by providing its employees customized professional training based on their specific requirements.

Telecom Implementation

ServiTech Infra (STL) is expert in executing large scale Telecom Implementation projects in India including New Networks, SWAP, Expansions and upgrading existing projects. Team ServiTech Infra (STL) is professionally trained with proven field experience in all the existing Telecom Technologies such as, GSM, GPRS, Wi-Fi, Fiber Optics etc.

Our TI services include:

  • Swapping / upgrading the existing BRS/BSC/ MSC with new versions.
  • Installation & de-installation and commissioning of GSM/CDMA/ BTS equipment.
  • Acceptance Testing of BTS / MW Equipment.
  • Pre installation planning and site design.
  • Equipment installation and commissioning.
  • VSWR Measurement and rectification.
  • All types of MW Installation, commissioning & link rectification.
  • 4G / 5G/ IOT Services, Maintenance, Projects
  • Small Cells/IBS Installations and Maintenance 

Optical Fiber Maintenance

ServiTech Infra (STL) is expert in providing the professional services for Operations, Maintenance & Laying of Optical Fibre Cables for the leading telecom brands in the region. We have all the latest technology, infrastructure & team of professional to handle this entire procedure with an ease.

Our Services:

  • Overall maintenance and fault rectifications of fiber network.
  • Operation & Maintenance of OFC network with Rectifications of Degraded faulty fibers.
  • Providing FRT’s / Patrollers with complete tools & equipment’s for O&M &project related work.
  • Laying of Optical fiber cable with various methods (HDD, Moiling, and Trenching).
  • Fiber Related Activities like Trenching, Duct Laying, Blowing, Splicing, etc.
  • Preparation of documentation related to OFC laying (Like ABD, Termination Plan, etc.)
  • Installation of fault repair of wireless and wired broad band network.
  • Swapping / cut over of broad band networks.

Power Distribution & Power Transmission Services

The power segment of ServiTech Infra (STL) caters both public and private sector, we are the ace in the marketplace of Power Transmission and Distribution solutions.

ServiTech Infra (STL) executes projects comprising the full scope of design, testing, fabrication, supply of materials, erection, stringing, testing, commissioning solutions and construction services for all types of industrial and project electrification works as well as for power transmission and distribution projects in the domestic and international markets.

ServiTech Infra (STL) is involved in execution of Turnkey as well as Task/scope oriented Projects for Transmission and sub-Transmission Lines in India and other countries.

We have an array of experienced professionals at every levels of the process considering the quality and the increase in the demand from many clients specifically in India and across the globe in general.


Erecting substations includes of design, supply, erection & commissioning of Extra High Voltage Substations works.

Execution of a substation project has number of processes such as Soil Investigation, Structural Foundations-cum-Construction, Supply and Installation of Equipment, Earth Mats, Cable Duct Runs, Control Rooms, Approach Roads, Culverts, Switch Yards, Fencing, Terminal Bays, Installation and Testing of Power Transformers, Breakers, Isolators, CT/PT, Lightning Arrestors, Control and Relay Panels, Battery Banks, Yard Lights and Air Conditioning of Control Room.

Distribution Lines

The Distribution segment of ServiTech Infra (STL) undertakes Turnkey Projects for the Distribution (Discoms) Companies. The scope of Distribution Systems work broadly involves works of 33 kV and 11 kV Substations, Distribution Lines, Distribution Transformers, Metering, covered under various schemes. We also undertake underground power cables projects.

Installation & Commissioning (I&C)

ServiTech Infra (STL) has the reputation of being highly skilled installation and commissioning expert for all the advanced andas well as old power Equipments including, logistics, delivery of equipment, warehousing, site survey, pre-installation planning, and installation and commissioning of are done with effective ease.

Our comprehensive Range of Product Services include:

  • Installation & Commissioning of equipment viz. AMF, PIU, PMU, PPC, IPMU, IPMS, Battery DCDG
  • AMC covering Preventive Maintenance, Corrective Maintenance, Spares supply
  • Indoor to Outdoor conversion of PIU/PMU
  • Retrofit activity of PIU & PMU
  • Development plans for long term operational needs
  • Provide custom built solutions for customers on their product support or retrofit or conversion 

Solar Sites Management Commissioning (I&C)

STL offers a wide range of services based on your plant’s sourcing strategy, infrastructure and degree of expertise in the solar energy spectrum. We also possess expertise in project commissioning along with devising mechanisms to retrieve and manage solar power generation data to enhance our O & M services. Our Operational & Maintenance activities constitute:

  • Real-time plant monitoring & control
  • Forecasting and Scheduling
  • Verification and Reporting
  • Coordination and Supervising
  • Preventive and corrective maintenance

Rooftop Solar PV Systems & Service

To always achieve high generation capacity, it is important to consult the right solar o & m. As one of the most experienced solar operation & maintenance companies, we always aim to maintain high generation capacity by resolving system down time quickly with our 24x7x365 remote monitoring support.

Our solar plant maintenance & operations services include preventive and corrective measures which involves inspecting, testing, cleaning, repairing and replacing parts. To prevent system breakdowns and ensure regular inspection of solar PV systems, we provide annual maintenance contracts to always keep the generation capacity stable.

Internal Audits & Risk Mitigation

Internal audit is an effective means of evaluating the efficacy of operations, the reliability of financial reporting, compliance with the corporate and statutory regulations, safeguarding of assets and various matters concerning the interest of the company, employees, stakeholders and society in general.

We at ServiTech Infra (STL), firmly believe in delivering Internal audit and risk management services at the highest levels of professional competency and integrity to the clients.

We at ServiTech Infra (STL), firmly believe in delivering Internal audit and risk management services at the highest levels of professional competency and integrity to the clients.

We analyze the major threats of business today and how they can impact your organization. The changing business dynamics, corporate failures with increased stakeholder accountability – all of these factors heighten the importance of identifying risks and the appropriate response as early as possible.


  • Efficacy of operations
  • Reliability of financial reporting
  • Compliance with various regulations
  • Safeguarding of assets and various matters concerning the interest of the company, employees, stakeholders and society in general   


  • Adoption of standard operating procedures
  • Client specific ‘toolkits’ to service multi-location engagements
  • Use of computer-assisted audit tools (CAATs) such as ACL &to aid in data analytics
  • Research based checklists
  • Issuing customized reports for various levels of management

Our highly dedicated and specialized internal audit and risk advisory consultants are actively engaged with various corporates, with comprehensive sector experience.


Our internal audit services typically include the following processes:

  • Critical evaluation of internal controls, performing gap analysis,
  • Suggesting areas for improvement and efficiency

Consulting Services

We provide specialist consulting services to support your business in India in the short, medium or long term. Combined with our vast sector and service expertise, we work to understand the challenges that your business is facing to provide the precise business consultancy support you require.

  • Operations consulting: ServiTech Infra (STL) operations business advisory specialists can help you increase operational effectiveness and efficiency to gain a competitive advantage. Our operations consulting services yield better utilization of resources, increased productivity and greater customer satisfaction.
  • Energy and sustainability consulting: Our specialist team can provide strategic, technical and financial business advisory services to reduce your organization’s environmental impact
  • Supply Chain Consulting:  Our executive search and HR business consulting specialists can support your organization with board consulting, cross-border recruitment, leadership assessment and much more.

Logistics Management

Logistics management is a key factor in providing cost-effective supply-chain solutions. And it is not just about ensuring whether goods are being transported from origin to destination. Logistics management services include several elements such as selecting appropriate vendors with adequate transportation facilities, mapping out the most effective routes, innovating competent delivery systems, and using technology to for efficient handling of the overall process.

At ServiTech Infra, we provide solutions for the entire logistic cycle from storage to delivery. Our extensive logistic management system covers primary as well as secondary logistics.

  • Just in Time Delivery: With quickly rising business, storage becomes a major issue for companies. ServiTech with its assured just in-time logistic services, helps its clients in improving their ROI by reducing the inventory and associated loading costs.
  • Instant Delivery Confirmation: Every delivery person of ours has an android phone with an app that sends instant delivery confirmation message to customers once the picture of their package is taken at the delivery point.
  • Dedicated GPS Enabled Vehicles; Making full use of technology in logistics services, we have GPS tracking system installed in our delivery vehicles to ensure the timely and safe deliveries, as well as to keep customers updated about the status of their deliverables.